Рейтинг ресторана


Рейтинг ресторана


кухня 7.6
интерьер 8.5
сервис 8.1
История рейтинга

Градъ Петровъ

Отзыв о ресторане «Градъ Петровъ»

  • интерьер 6
  • кухня 3
  • сервис 6

I knew this lovely restaurant well because visited every summer for the past few years. Every time I was surprised by the constancy of the quality of service and food. Plus, the atmosphere of St. Petersburg, the location near the river. And even more surprised I was this summer. Small, tasteless portions. Horrible dry steak, duck is very bad ... Everywhere inappropriate sauces. .. I asked about the chef, but I was told that the same chef worked in June last year ... It is very strange. And very sad that dramatically changed the beer from local brewery: very very cloudy, tasteless Weiss and dark beer. Helles a little better, but too little taste ...

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