Рейтинг ресторана


Рейтинг ресторана


кухня 7.7
интерьер 8.0
сервис 6.3
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Отзыв о ресторане «Terrassa»

  • интерьер 5
  • кухня 5
  • сервис 1

Dear visitors of the restaurant terrace.

I would like to inform you of the fact that for delicious food of this restaurant lies deception and theft. August 5, 2010 I visited the restaurant terrace for lunch. Wishing to pay, I gave them my card Visa, for her, I shot twice and the confirmation of this, came sms messages from my bank. Contact your system administrator for help Anna tel: 89626865806 or 89119426728 I received a reply that she, as a manager of a restaurant "Terrace" is not competent on the matter. I asked to invite someone from the leadership, namely managing the restaurant "Terrace" Marina. I brought the phone, saying that Marina in touch. Refer to the manual for help quickly resolve this misunderstanding, I received a reply :".... I will not cave in under you, go and address this issue with your bank !!!!" I then asked to sign the competent authorities, the book reviews and suggestions, I have not given it offered only a version of its notebook .................. It's your decision, dear visitors, allow themselves to cheat and rob her or not. I told you the truth.

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