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Отзыв о ресторане «GuttenBier»

Michael777 написал(а) 31 июля 2013 в 16:07
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hi everybody, I'm Michael from france, i was first time in saint petersburg, 10 days ago, I was walking in town and no far away from port i found restaurant guttenbier, I was wonder there's stuff they speak very good english, and service was so high orphan (exilant) I was try food there it was so tasty, also I drinked 3 different kind of beer really so tasty and cold specialty dark beer, I feel my sealf that I stay in garmen pub, then I was stay in bar, I was wonder barman he speak more than 4 different language, he make alot of magical joke, and invite me extreme cocktails, I was try cocktail strike and tears snake and waterfall, it's more than excellent but this restaurant lacks attention to decor, blank walls – possible draw some pictures then will look more nice and also reduce the lighting of entrances!!!