Рейтинг кафе


Рейтинг кафе


кухня 8.3
интерьер 8.4
сервис 8.4
История рейтинга


Отзыв о кафе «Zoom»

  • интерьер 9
  • кухня 10
  • сервис 10

I visit this place on my every trip to St. Petersburg. So far it has always been a blast! The interior designer has done a fair job, the menu is original and refreshing, the cooks know their job and, last but not least, the service is really warm and friendly.

I've visited Zoom Cafe with both small and rather large groups, with friends and with family. And everybody has just loved the place! Keep up the good work!

Only minus goes for the slightly crammed feeling at times. But hey, other's have got to be able to enjoy this place, too. Also, last time I checked: no reservations. It is a slight minus if I'd like to bring in guests, but the policy is understandable and I guess I'll just have to live with it.

Definitely worth the money!


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