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Ресторан «La Maree»
пр. Суворовский 34
 Площадь Восстания

Средний чек

3300  (без напитков)
3300  (без напитков)

Время работы

  • Пн–Вс: 11:00 — 23:00
Сегодня до 23:00

Отзыв о ресторане «La Maree»

MetalMan написал(а) о ресторане «La Maree» 1 октября 2011 в 12:36
Ценитель1 отзыв 9

When we were ordering, we were told on 2 occasions by Head Waiter that La Mare was the BEST restaurant in the city. I wish that was true, and honestly overall it was quite the opposite. Food was good, but very overpriced. Service on the other hand was poor, they did not bring my side dishes (garnish), when asked about it, we were told they forgot and when we said we still wanted it 2 times, they still did not bring it. So it seems La Mare will decide for you what you are going to eat. After meal, we waited for 15 minutes with an empty table, no offer for coffee, tea, desert, ..... nothing, an akward void filled only by a toothpick holder sitting in the middle of a large table. Regarding the account, we paid 2350 Rub for 6 jumbo shrimp, and they were many other examples of overpriced items on the check. We settled the account, and the tip reflected the service (or largely lack of service). We regularly dine in St. Petersburg and can honestly say this would rank as one of the worst experiences not only here but in our world travels. Highly NOT recommended!

  • blondie_22
    blondie_22  → MetalMan 1 октября 2011 в 13:37
    Гурман19 отзывов 4321

    Valera 888, can you please answer to the guests of S Petersburg!!!

    • miss Ray
      miss Ray  → blondie_22 1 октября 2011 в 14:05
      Гурман11 отзывов 480

      А Вы почему не кен ансе?

      • blondie_22
        blondie_22  → miss Ray 1 октября 2011 в 15:24
        Гурман19 отзывов 4321

        Бикоз, Валерий лов зис плейс со мач!!!

        • miss Ray
          miss Ray  → blondie_22 1 октября 2011 в 15:50
          Гурман11 отзывов 480

          ааааа, андерстенд)

  • Pavelka
    Pavelka  → MetalMan 3 октября 2011 в 11:25
    Гурман27 отзывов 786

    So it seems La Mare will decide for you what you are going to eat.

    Подмеченно, однако...:)

    • IriH
      IriH  → Pavelka 18 января 2012 в 22:55
      Ценитель1 отзыв 6

      I am so amazed to hear your story!!! we were ABSOLUTELY SCAMED at that place. They doubled EVERYTHING on the bill. since we had a big party (26 people) , i am sure they thought we wouldn't notice it.
      instead of 2 ordered dishes they brought 4, and that was THE MOST EXPENCIVE SEABASS in the World!!! i am from Miami so i know what i am talking about when it comes to seafood.

      basically, when we told waiter about double charge , he threatened to us with police, (or whoever he was going to invite to beat c* out of us) anyway, Manager was even worse. rude and yelling.

      we were shocked ! should we even mention that it was pre-wedding dinner, imagine how did it spoil our wedding mood :(

      total line: PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE PLACE! especially if you are not local.
      best regards.

      • gluttony
        gluttony  → IriH 18 января 2012 в 23:20
        Гурман1 отзыв 210

        Reminds me of an old joke:

        M'am, when you crossed the border did you see the red flags?
        Yes, so what?
        Well, you are in the danger zone!